Intro to Improvisation (Virtual/Zoom)

with Brian Roque

Students ages 13-18 will explore the fundamentals of improvisation through the use of games and exercises in a fun and fast-paced learning environment. The course guides students through the fundamentals of short-form and long-form improvisation through presentations and improv games. We'll focus on building trust and spontaneity, and exploring aspects and techniques of storytelling, ensemble playing, movement, developing characters (status and emotion), and using space. 

Course Objectives: To provide students with an improvisational toolbox, which will prepare them for comedic improvisational performance and provide a foundation for sketch writing. We will work on: 

• Listening 

• Spontaneity 

• Physical expression 

• Vocal expression 

• Characterization 

• Understanding and application of basic narrative structure in theatrical form. 

Participation Requirements: Bring positive attitude and enthusiasm to each class, be present, say “yes and” to each experience and your classmates, and be willing to “fail” and embrace it. TAKE RISKS! Have fun! 

Online Class

For more information, call us at (401) 447-0458

Creative Movement & Dance (Virtual/Zoom)

with Molly Wren

For Ages 6-12. This class meets Sept 5, 7, 10, & 11 at Noon. Please join me as we explore the world of movement and dance. Dance can be such a freeing activity! We will learn how to express our feelings through dance, learn about the importance of language through movement in other cultures, get our imaginations going by creating a story with our own artistries, and learn a big group dance all together. The last day will be a special dress up day!! 

All of our dancers will warm up together with some stretching, yoga, and barre at the beginning of class to prevent any injuries. :) Always remember: The word “dancer” holds no restrictions. It is a person who creates art through movement. Anyone can be a dancer!

What to have on hand: a pair of dance shoes/socks, a comfy outfit, water, and your imagination!

Online Class

For more information, call us at (401) 447-0458